Build a profitable business that scales

implement 3-success secrets of every 7 figure business

Every profitable business has three elements that help it make profit predictably and offer exemplary experience to clients that keeps them coming back for more.

With the Triple Amplifier (Tri-AMP) Method solo-entrepreneurs learn the foolproof secrets to building a business designed to:

✔ Design an irresistible core offer

✔ Attract the right clients willing to pay you full price

✔ Create systems that deliver on autopilot even when you sleep

✔ Build a freedom lifestyle designed for a life you will love

Who is this FOR?

✔ Are you a solo business owner looking to build a sustainable business?

✔ Do you have an idea that will change lives but just don’t know how to make money from it?

✔ Are you tired of jumping from course to course trying to piece together a business?

✔ Are you willing to ditch the imposter syndrome and claim your dreams?


  • Start attracting ideal clients who pay your in full
  • Work smarter and earn more money
  • Make profitable decisions that increase your income 10X
  • Create habits that empower results while saving time

Ready to stop duct-taping your business?

Then you are in the right place. Because that is what the TRI-AMP METHOD is designed for. Every million dollar business has perfected three elements that create a solid foundation to support rapid growth with minimum resistance, and in my Tri-Amp Method I teach solo-entrepreneurs how to implement these strategies to transform their business from chasing clients to attracting clients on autopilot.

My name is Arooj Ashraf and I am NOT the average business coach.

Nope! You read that right.

I am a zero fluff, in your face, rapid-fire Brand Strategy and Growth ninja who loves RESULTS.

Not just the instant mix, no bake results, but life-changing, mind-blowing AAA-HAA results that transforms the way you view obstacles and crush them instantaneously.

My superpower is helping business founders ditch the 9 to 5 forever so they can focus on leveraging their passions to build wealth!

I am on a mission to help 100 women become millionaires in the next 5 years, so together we can amplify our individual goals of creating a more heart centered world.

This is not a course that you enroll in and forget about. This is a holistic business accelerator that will shift your mind, require laser focused action and help you dominate your industry.

So are you the kind of woman who loves to be challenged? Do you have the competitive edge and hunger to achieve what most consider impossible?

If your response to the Nay-sayers is: WATCH ME DO IT! Then I invite you to join my mission of achieving one million dollars in business in one year.

This program is not for the faint hearted or thin skinned.

It is also not for network marketers.

It is for the women and men tired of having to piece together information from a dozen gurus only to find it contradictory and confusing. TRI AMP METHOD is a diagnostics tool, that will identify the bottlenecks in your business strategy, mindset and branding to unlock wealth.

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