master of one is better than noneDo you remember the moment when the Fairy Godmother appeared to Cinderella?

She was defeated, blistered and heartbroken, sobbing enormous tears. She was at her wit’s end. She worked and worked and worked, and tried to make everyone happy and still she could not go to the Ball.

I am no Fairy Godmother.
And I am not offering you a glass slipper for your business that magically draws the happy ending to your doorstep.

Instead, I want to share a precious lesson that Cinderella’s story taught me, and I apply in my business.

Adhere to the deadlines.
There is a finite amount of time that you currently have access to. Use it wisely. Life changing success doesn’t just happen.
You need a plan.
You need to execute the plan.
You need someone there to guide you, support you and hold you accountable.
And you need to have the urgency of a deadline set in stone to set the fire under your behind to achieve it.

Also, in a world full of mediocre dressed as glamorous, be the glass slipper that is astonishingly unique, classy, and distinctively YOU.

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