A mother’s amazing journey from domestic violence to empowering her daughter’s business idea into a movement to inspire an educate one lemonade drink at a time.

HAVE YOU EVER COME ACROSS AN IDEA FOR AN ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURE? But  (guess what) such an idea so happens to come from the very mind of your own child – How do we nurture and encourage such creativity to come into being – manifesting such a brilliant potential idea into a surging and successful family business? 

When life gives you lemons make lemonade. This Mom & Daughter duo  are taking the traditional American lemonade experience to a new level that opens up to the world in many ways.
“In this Global Debut broadcast of MILLION IN ONE, your inspiring host  and entrepreneur herself, Arooj Ashraf, dives into the mind, heart and soul of Mariana Silva Buck, an exceptional mother who has raised into being a strong entrepreneur daughter, Sofia. Eight-year-old Sofia is the creative genius behind Little Maven Lemonade that launched in  Rhode Island, with three international flavors of lemonade. 

As a  survivor of domestic violence Mariana advocates for financial  independence and her inspiration for educating her daughter with the entrepreneurial spirit. Please tune-in to the global premiere of this  inspiring and highly-anticipated show where it will empower women to  build million-dollar empires with strong business foundations and heart focused service.

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