Raising Future Entrepreneurs : Little Maven Lemonade

Eight year old with a love for lemonade stand inspired the idea for a multicultural lemonade in bottle. Three unique flavors from original American with hints of local honey, Amazonia with limes and mint and the Unicorn a purple lemonade with a refreshing tea base.

This socially conscious enterprise is devoted to making changes in how the world comes together, one drink at a time.

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Mariana Silva Buck and eight year old Sofia founded Little Maven Lemonade with three international flavors to hydrate, educate and bring communities together. As a survivor of domestic violence Mariana is on a mission to help her daughter understand the importance of financial independence and empower other women.
Little Maven Lemonade:

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/Little-Maven-Lemonade
Facebook: little Maven Lemonade