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Tri-Amp Method 63-Day Business Accelerator

This intensive coaching program is not for the faint-of-heart, weak-kneed, nay-sayers who love wallowing in the darkness of inaction and enjoy the hamster wheel of same-ole same-ole inefficient tactics of decades past.

This is for the savvy, action taking, adaptable huntress with a passion for market domination and lofty dreams of running a successful business empire WITHOUT sacrificing time with loved ones and part taking in activities she absolutely LOVES.

This is for the established six-figure earner who is tired of her income ceiling and looking to scale rapidly by applying the methods instantly.

This is for the woman ready to scale her passion and hobby into a thriving business that will transform the lives of her customers and community.

This is for the highly intelligent, alpha woman who has too many ideas and not enough time to execute them and wants to create a path of ease and clarity in running her business efficiently.

Tri-Amp Elite

Being a solo-entrepreneur can become isolating. This VIP program designed for the high achieving no-nonsense business woman who loves interacting with like-minded ambitious women and finds collaborative spaces exhilarating but is seeking the 1:1 coaching to truly identify her unique challenges.

This program includes a team of experts delivering high value content and creates an environment of accountability.

Combined power of group calls and individual sharp focused strategy sessions, guarantee a constant flow of creative solutions with the luxury of working at your own pace to scale your business.

This program is only open to a limited number of women every year.

Elite Membership Includes:

  • Social Media Management & PR Expert
  • Personal Branding Design Expert
  • Personal Branding Photoshoot
  • Quarterly Business Expert Sessions for Professional Development
  • Exclusive Invitation to Tri-Amp Retreats
  • Private Group

Hot-Seat Strategy Session

Feeling stuck and unsure?

The Hot-Seat Strategy Session is for the committed and motivated business woman who is ready to take off the rose colored glasses and dive deep into what is creating roadblocks to success.

The 90-minute call is designed to be intensive and give you an eagle eye perspective on what shifts may benefit the business.

In this call we will identify one frustration that you are currently facing in your business and trace the origins of its existence.

The call will provide clarity on what action steps need to be implemented in your business to successfully overcome the issue.

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Precision 1 Percent

Introducing an international collaboration with Rachelle Millar, a sales mastery and mindset expert from New Zealand.

Precision 1 Percent is our program in response to COVID 19 to get new entrepreneurs started on their virtual businesses immediately by mastering their offer, sales and branding. So they can build freedom lifestyle and work from any where, in any market.

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